“Ben is the best in the business, with a keen eye to capture the right moments. I recommend him to everyone!"
-Stacye Mayer, Paradigm Talent Agency

“Ben does a fantastic job working with our clients at Actors Connection. Besides being a super-nice guy, Ben understands what actors need in today's market, and his work is affordable. Thanks, Ben! A+."
-Tony Nation (Partner, Actors Connection and President, Reproductions)

"Ben is a natural-born photographer. He's got such a gift for light and mood. He seeks out moments others wouldn't. His pictures 'say something' but never too loudly. I highly recommend Ben. I couldn't be happier with my headshots."

“Acting in New York City for over six years now, I did not have a clear idea of what industry standard headshots were until I shot with Ben. I have shot with five other photographers, spending anywhere from nothing to way too much money for an actor's headshots. Ben is the right price, and knows how to take a shot that looks like YOU, not overly glamorized, which is what the NYC market is looking for right now!  I could see myself on a show, which for me, was an incredibly inspiring experience to have during a headshot session. I would highly recommend Ben Esner for your next headshot session."
-Claire Ganshert

“I’ve worked with many photographers in the past, but only Ben was able to capture exactly what I had always wanted: a natural looking photo that shows my true essence and that captures attention. My agent and manager LOVE my photos, and we actually had a tough time narrowing them down because SO MANY were right on the money! I think it’s not only Ben’s expertise in headshot photography, but also his experience as an actor and his open and genuine personality, that generate the successful photo shoots. I’d recommend him in a heartbeat.”
-Anna Lakomy

"I've never worked with such an intuitive and enthusiastic photographer. He was generous with his energy and positivity as well as with his honesty and approachability. I actually enjoyed having my headshots taken!! I never felt that he was trying to put me at ease or to make me feel comfortable, he just did. His instincts with and without the camera pointing at me worked, and this camera-shy actor had over 20 "favorite" shots to choose from, a far cry from the 1 or 2 I've liked from past shoots. If you're looking for shots that capture you at ease and in your essence, then call Ben Esner."
-Jessica Kahler

“I had an amazing time working with Ben. His open and relaxed nature put me instantly at ease and allowed me to laugh and be comfortable in front of the camera. His professionalism and talented eye helped coach me throughout the shoot so I never felt forced to awkwardly pose like I have in the past. He truly knew how to get the most honest pictures out of me and everyone who has seen my pictures agrees! I will gladly recommend Ben to all of my friends and anyone who will listen!”
-Amber Lageman

“Ben brought a fun and relaxed feel to the shoot all the while remaining very professional. He listens to the looks you want then makes them better than you imagined. Agents and Producers love his work and the headshots he took for me have helped me get interviews. Ten out of ten!”
- Anthony LaJoye

"The headshots I took with Ben are the first headshots that I'm truly happy with. Ben's way of working is simple, making just being yourself really easy."
-Evan Roufeh

“Ben is an absolute pleasure to work with. Consummate professionalism coupled with a great attention to detail and knowledge of his craft creates a stable working environment that is conducive to producing great shots. He works fast and thoroughly and his pictures really speak for themselves.”
-Miller Lulow

“Ben is a gifted photographer with an eye for the perfect shot. He is a true professional and I would highly recommend him for a competitive and unique headshot.”
-Bari Kane

“The pictures I got from a shoot with Ben are the ones I've been looking for for a very long time. He helps you escape your preconceived notions of what you think your pictures should look like. Then he helps you discover the inner passion and excitement you have for your art which effectively translates into your pictures.”
-Kelly Kirkley

"Ben is incredibly talented and a joy to work with. I was completely calm and relaxed throughout the entire process, never feeling rushed or anxious. And most importantly, Ben made me laugh which is always a bonus when working with a photographer."
-Cadden Jones

"Working with Ben Esner was simple and very open. Ben sent me the proofs extremely quickly and even sent some individual favorites to me within a day. Very professional and enjoyable experience overall!"
-Anthony Westmoreland

“I highly recommend Ben to anyone looking for creative headshots. He's patient, thorough and easy to work with. And the shoot was fun!”
-Bill McCarthy

“Mr. Esner's experience & professionalism created one of the most enjoyable headshot sessions I've ever had, and higher quality shots than I've ever received from other photographers. His ability to create a fun & safe environment is coupled with a unique and creative eye that showcases & captures each aspect of his subject's talent. I would absolutely recommend Mr. Esner to anyone looking to update their headshot or portfolio.”
-E. Calvin Ahn

"I have never liked getting headshots. I always feel plastic, in a fake pose with an even faker smile. I hated doing them. Ben changed all that though. Completely disarming and amicable, he got me off my guard almost immediately- and it showed in the photos. We worked to get the outfits that would show me off best. If you're not a 'picture person', give Ben a call. You won't regret it."
-Logan Keeler

"It was an absolute pleasure doing my very first headshots with Ben. The shots came out exactly how I hoped they would. For my next round of headshots, there's no doubt I'll be going back to him!"
-Chris Nyktas

"As a professional in NYC, I've had a few headshots taken for work positions and LinkedIn. Within minutes of working with Ben (both prep and the shoot itself), it was clear he was 'a cut above'. Beyond constructive coaching, his friendly demeanor fostered both comfort and confidence to pull the best shot out of me. It was such a joy working with Ben that I kind of just want to hang with him on a social basis.

I highly recommend being prepped by Ben's makeup stylist prior to your shoot. She made me look more well-complexed, rested, and made sure my hair was in place. From 'soup to nuts',Ben and his team did an outstanding job and I was extremely pleased with my result."
-John Paul Cisneros

"My experience shooting with Ben Esner was fantastic in every way. He was professional and communicative and asked intelligent, thoughtful questions during our first meeting. His questions and expertise guided me to making great choices about how I wanted my wardrobe to look. While shooting, he was calm and a fantastic director, expertly guiding me towards a great shot. Hair and make-up artist did an amazing job, and their collaborative rapport set the stage for a supportive, productive and fun shoot. Ben knows the business and his background as an actor is truly helpful. He's affordable and amazing and I'd recommend him to anyone looking for great pictures. I'm truly happy with how mine came out - the only hard part is choosing which ones!"
-Jill Frutkin

“I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ben. We had a terrific session and I'm still using the photos we took. I'm looking forward to using him again in the future."
-Kevin Conroy

“Ben Esner is the guy you call when you're ready. Ready for what? Ready to get headshots that will get you to the next level. How does he do it? He has this uncanny knack for immediately understanding your type. He's easy to work with, super friendly and is able to create a comfortable environment for you to shine when he is snapping away with his camera. I highly recommend this man, but only if you are ready."
-Kazy Tauginas

"I have been involved in casting for 2 decades, and have been referring all my actor friends/clients to Ben for years. He understands what we look for in a photo: natural, engaging. and most of all, looks like the person who walks through the door. I believe his background as a working actor goes a long way in capturing the right look. Plus he is easy going and affordable! Let Ben bring out the best of you to help open the doors to casting directors and producers."

"You know you have a good headshot when industry professionals frequently state "These are great - who did your headshots?" This is the second time I've used Ben Esner for headshots and the results have been outstanding each time. Not only am I very satisfied with the finished product but the actual process is a great experience. Ben is very easy to work with and provides a great balance of both listening to your ideas and giving you his advice. And to top it off, his prices are affordable. I highly recommend."
-Zoltan Nagy

“We highly recommend Ben as a photographer! My daughter's headshots for her Musical Theatre College Auditions were amazing. He is professional and has an excellent eye when working with his clients. Thank you Ben! Picture Perfect."
-Cynthia Deen

"I loved shooting with Ben, he was so relaxed and fun to work with, but also professional and thorough. He takes the time to pay attention to detail as well as get a great variety of good shots. What sets him apart from other photographers is that he really cares about the actor and what he's capturing rather than just getting a good shot and calling it a day. He is really excellent at what he does, and I'd highly recommend him to anyone!"
-Maria Pedro

"I have had dozens of headshots over the years and I think the ones that Ben took are by far the best. He really captured me. The cost was a bargain when measured against my satisfaction. Ben was able to work within my time constraints for a very efficient shooting session and the response to the shot has been incredibly favorable. He got me to quickly relax and be myself. Just a super enjoyable experience."
– Debra Borchardt

"Shooting with Ben was a dream come true. He was able to listen to what I wanted, assess what I needed, and translate everything into beautiful photos that truly capture me in a way no other photographer has before. I couldn't have been happier with the shoot, or with how the photos turned out, and I can't recommend him enough. After having spent thousands of dollars on headshots that were never quite right, Ben is a first-rate photographer at a fraction of the price. I can't wait to shoot with him again."
-Jenn Kent

"Ben is a true professional and a very cool guy. He is easy to get along with and will not stop until he gets the perfect shots that bring out your essence. The head shots I received from Ben are a world away from my previous photos, well worth the investment."
-James Duffy

"I had a blast shooting with Ben. He made me feel so at ease that I could just relax and be myself and not even notice the camera. The results were natural, beautiful pictures with a soul that captured the real me."
-Nasreen Rahman

“Being an actor himself really gives him an edge because he knows what people on the other side of the camera want out of a headshot and he knows how to give them those looks. These are the best looks I've had in a headshot in six years of being in New York City. Can't thank you enough, Ben.”
-Josh Zirger

“Ben Esner was incredible to work with. He was able to shake away any excess energy I had and focus it into my type. I've always had trouble relaxing into my essence with still photography but Ben somehow found a way to relax me into letting go and pushing my focus through the lens. Thanks for the incredible shots Ben!”
-Michael Lane

“My shoot with Ben was fantastic! We had a lot of fun and laughs but still got the work done and the results speak for itself. His shots are perfect for any actor looking to get a headshot that POPS. His adjustments during my shoot were short, but specific to what I was going for, and it worked! Do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment with him now, it's a great investment for your career.”
- Devin Klos

“Ben Esner is a dream to work with. He made me feel so relaxed and at ease during the shoot and really helped me tap into a confidence that I didn't know that I had. He also has an amazing eye, capturing great moments through his lens. I will definitely work with Ben again.”
-Nicola Riske

“I've always had trouble having my headshots taken because I find it hard to open up--staring directly into a camera, but Ben knows how to keep it light and relaxed and he creates his own world with you. I'm sure Ben could tell I was nervous, and he made me laugh so much, I forgot he was taking the pictures! Ben is very honest and wants that honest shot from you. He is a professional Actors Photographer...he's that rare kind of person you just want to spill your life story to, and he'll get it on camera! If you're looking for that real, honest, interesting shot---go with Ben---he's the real deal!”
-Lacy Marie Meyer

“Ben is a great guy who makes you feel relaxed in front of the camera right away. He is thoughtful, encouraging and keeps you focused during your shoot. My photos are truly me at my best!”
-Sheila Donovan

"I can’t say enough great things about my experience shooting with Ben. When I found him, I had just had headshots done by another photographer that were completely unusable, so I was very timid and worried about getting new head shots. Before booking my session with Ben, I explained to him my recent experience and he went above and beyond to consult with me and walk me through his process, which made me feel confident that he was a great choice for a photographer. Shooting with Ben was a blast. Because of his way of putting people at ease, I was able to just relax and be myself, and ultimately that came through in my pictures. I had a variety of shots to choose from. I felt like Ben really understood the pressure that is on actors to have a great headshot and has a unique ability to lift the pressure off, which allowed me to just have fun in front of the camera, resulting in great, natural shots that I couldn’t be happier with."
-Rachel Brill

"Ben was so great to shoot with! I felt really comfortable and he reminded me to BREATHE which was key for me. He's really laid back and passionate at the same time. I loved his energy and enthusiasm and he got me to just relax throughout the session. And the results speak for themselves as the pictures represented me at my best. And my manager loves them too, she's having a hard time figuring out which ones to pick! Definitely run to Ben and see for yourself. Thanks again, Ben!"
-Roger Anthony

"From the moment I met Ben, I knew my head shots would be amazing and I was right! He made me feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire head shot session, from choosing outfits to taking photos. He gave just the right amount of advice, as well as listened to my ideas. If you are looking for beautiful, natural headshots, definitely give Ben Esner a call!"
-Kristi Sorkin

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