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NYC Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography generally describes photography that aims to capture people in situations or events, to tell a story. Often, the subject is not looking directly at the camera, but rather engaged in some sort of activity. As such, it can encompass a broad array of categories, from maternity to modeling, to fitness, to branding, to environmental, to couples. For the purposes of this website, I am also including some non-headshot portraits, as well as some event photography in this section.

While in the past, actors who also wanted to do commercial print work needed to put together something called a comp card, these days that is becoming less of a necessity, although it is still a good idea to have a variety of lifestyle shots in your portfolio for such a purpose.

While headshots should focus on the eyes (while keeping most everything else, such as clothing, accessories, and environment much less prominent), lifestyle photos can invite those other aspects in to share the frame much more, since it is more about mood and the story we are telling. NYC is full of amazing photography locations that can really help your lifestyle photography pop.

Sometimes lifestyle shots happen to flow naturally from some other kind of shoot of mine, and sometimes they are meticulously planned out in advance. If you know that you want to do some lifestyle shots, you should talk to me about it first so that we can plan it out, and I can make sure to budget enough time to ensure we get everything we want. Depending on what you will be using them for, we might even work in a costume and/or props, which we generally avoid in a headshot. We might even decide to combine a couple different shoots into one, such as headshots and engagement photos.

For an actor, it’s often a good idea to get some lifestyle shots to flesh out a website or social media content. If you play a musical instrument, maybe you want to do some that incorporate it. Talk to me for ideas!

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