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Kids Headshots & Portraits

While my 11-year-old son is currently in a “refusing to let Dad photograph him” stage (seems fair, as I have taken around 300,000 photos of him to date), I have many years of experience photographing children of all ages, from total beginners (we all were once) to Broadway, film and TV performers.

It is a fun, relaxed time for everyone involved, and I offer a lot of guidance about getting started in the industry! (You’ll also find some non-headshot photos mixed in this section, as well).

As with adults, a professional acting headshot for your child done by a professional NYC children's photographer is different than a staged school portrait, which is different than a snapshot, which is different than what your friend will take with his or her nice camera. Make the investment; do it right!

You may reassure your kid that I can converse comfortably about various Nickelodeon and Disney shows, as well as Minecraft, Fortnite, Garry’s Mod, and can talk DanTDM and Liza Koshy with the best of them.

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