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For group rates, please contact me for a quote at ben@benesner.com

If you are new to professional acting, the process of learning the “business” side of the acting business can be quite daunting (speaking from hard-fought experience as a former working actor of many years).

An actor’s headshot is among the most important tools in his or her marketing toolbox. It is often the first impression you will make on an agent or casting director with whom you would like to work.

You may be an amazing performer, and have a killer resume, but if you want someone to actually look at the resume or actually watch your reel, especially in NYC, you’d better have a professional, industry-standard, engaging and dynamic headshot so that he or she doesn’t click right by you.

You are the product that you are selling. How are you going to best market that product?  You are worth it. Invest and do it right!

How Do I Choose My Headshot Photographer?

You’ll find that prices for actor headshots run the gamut, from under $100 (be careful; you know what they say about something that seems too good to be true) to over $1,400 for a single headshot session. I have intentionally kept my rates on the lower side while delivering the high quality and collaborative experience that you see from my more expensive colleagues. Why? Because I've been where you've been and I know how important great, affordable acting headshots are.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of NYC headshot photographers out there, and sometimes it may seem overwhelming to make a choice.  While looking through the headshot photographer's work, in addition to checking out the prerequisites like lighting and hair/makeup, ask yourself these questions about the people in the photos:

  • Do they look artificially "posed" or do they look natural?
  • Do they have the "deer-in-the-headlights" expression or can you get a sense of their individual energy?
  • Are they "trying too hard" to BE something; sexy, tough, goofy, etc., or do you believe that the photographer has captured a natural moment?
  • Also, if you don't find the quality consistent, that should be a red flag.

If you really, really like the photos, you might want to schedule either an in-person consultation or a phone call to ask specific questions, and to feel out the dynamic between the two of you. In that conversation, you might also discuss your "type" and possible clothing options for your potential headshot session.

My process is very open and collaborative, and I guide you through the process, from preparing for the shoot, through the shoot itself, and through the post-shoot process of preparing your images for auditions. I can also offer a lot of guidance about getting an agent, workshops, and classes, and what types of headshots to use for different roles.

Have more specific questions? Feel free to check out my FAQ section. Or call or email me right now!

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